Q: Is my personal information protected?
A: Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!

Q: What is DownlineTrafficBuilder?
A: is a free Marketing System "Downline Builder" which you can use to advertise your primary Business or any programs of your choice on your own programs page and get viral traffic from your referrals.

You can also build your downline in a few carefully selected programs with the ability to generate over 1.000 website visitors per day from hundreds of different traffic sources by using our unique strategy!

Q: Is it really free to join?
A: YES! Using our downline builder is absolutely free!

Q: How does this program work?
A: When you sign up for our free downline builder you, will get instant access to the database with our recommended programs and your sponsor's programs.

First you can go through our program database and sign up for the sites that you want to become a member of or enter your affiliate ID for those that you already belong to. You can also add new programs to the database if you like!

Once this is done, your affiliate ID's will now be active for your downline to join. Now you will be given a referral link to our website which you can use to advertise your downline builder.

When new members join DTB with your link they will see your affiliate ID's in our program database to all the programs which you have added or signed up to!

Q: How to get viral traffic from my downline?
A: Your programs will also be displayed on your referrals programs page all the way down to 10 levels for as long as your affiliate ID is still included.

Your downline is totally at liberty to choose which programs to join or not and any programs that they do not join will simply default to your affiliate ID.

Your downline would be advertising YOUR referral links on their programs page in case they are not motivated to sign up to your programs and update their own affiliate ID's.

Q: How many new programs can I add?
A: You can add up to 100 programs of your choice completely free of charge!

Q: Can I add any program?
A: Yes, almost any program if it has a referral or affiliate link but you can also advertise your own website or blog. Keep in mind that all new programs need to be checked manually before they will appear in your programs database. Click Here to read our guidelines!

Q: What if I already belong to some of the programs?
A: No problem! Just enter your affiliate ID's into the database for the programs you already belong to and click on update.

Q: Can I earn commissions?
A: No, DownlineTrafficBuilder does not pay out any commissions because there is no charge to be a member.
But you can earn money by using our recommended programs!

Q: Is open to international members?
A: Yes! Members from all over the world are welcome to join us.

Q: How and where can I promote
A: You may use any legitimate & legal form of advertising. Please do not SPAM or make false claims within advertisements.

We use a unique strategy to help you surf multiple Traffic Exchanges much faster and even double your TE credits!

You can also find some other advertising strategies in your members area. You are welcome to use your DTB affiliate link or other promo tools such as banner and solo ads for advertising.

Q: Can I advertise my banner on DownlineTrafficBuilder?
A: Yes! Click Here to advertise on our site.

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