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Level 4: Top Sponsor

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You can become a Top Sponsor by getting 100 referrals in your downline. Now this might sound like a big number for you but we are sure you can do this with our help! ;)

Congratulations if you have made it this far!

We are very proud of our Top Sponsors and the amazing results they achieve! (We currently have 1 Top Sponsor)

We want to help every member of our downline builder to become at least a Top Sponsor because this is where the magic happens…

At this point, you should have some very active referrals
in your downline so your viral traffic will greatly increase!



You Get The Following Rewards For Reaching Level 4

It’s our way to say “Thank You” for being an active member of DTB!

Please note: Paid signups (PTS) or using fake email adresses to get referrals is not allowed and you will be disqualified. We track where your referrals are coming from!


Add 1 Program To Our Downline Builder


You can add 1 program of your choice to our downline builder forever!

Your program will be displayed on ALL of our 1800+ Program Pages for every member to join!

Yes, WE ALL promote YOUR program!


1 Lifetime Top Sponsor Banner Ad

You can add 1 Banner of your choice to our Banner Rotator which is displayed on almost every page of our website & blog. You can change your banner at any time!

Our Partner & Top Sponsor Banner Advertisement


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100.000 Free Banner Impressions

You can advertise a 468×60 banner of your choice on our website for free! (100,000 Banner Impressions)

Your banner will be displayed on our home page and also inside of our members area etc. (Top position)

You can also buy banner impressions here.


How To Claim Your Rewards?

Here’s how it works…

We will request the following information from you or you can send us an email right away as soon as you have 100 referrals in your downline.

Add 1 Program

  • Affiliate Link Of Your Choice
  • Banner HTML Code (Optional)
  • Program Description (Optional)

Lifetime Top Sponsor Banner Advertisement

  • Affiliate Link Of Your Choice
  • Banner Image URL (Size 468×60)

100.000 Free Banner Impressions

  • DTB Username
  • Email address
  • Affiliate Link Of Your Choice
  • Banner Image URL (Size: 468×60)

Click on the link below to contact us…

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