How To Surf All Your Manual Traffic Exchanges Much Faster With Traffic Browser Software

Download Traffic Browser Software For Free!

Surf Multiple Traffic Exchanges Much Faster With Traffic Browser Software!

What is Traffic Browser Software?

traffic browser

Traffic Browser is a free Software which you can use to surf all your favourite Traffic Exchanges faster by auto logging you into all of your selected Traffic Exchanges, switching Tabs automatically after you have clicked the image vertification to receive credits, by setting up groups of the best Traffic Exchanges, blocking Popups, Downline Builder and a few other useful features…

With Traffic Browser you can easily view thousands of advertisements on a daily basis and earn more credits!

Note: This is not an Auto-Click Traffic Software!


How To Download Traffic Browser Software For Free?

Please sign up at TrafficBrowser under your DTB sponsor to support our community!

First, login to your account at

Step 1:

Click on Update Programs Info



Step 2:

Click on Software & Tools



Step 3: Sign Up At Traffic Browser

Sign up at TrafficBrowser under your DTB sponsor by clicking on the link or banner.



Step 4: Update Your Traffic Browser Affiliate ID

Login to your TrafficBrowser account and click on AffiliateReferral Links

You can see your TrafficBrowser Affiliate ID at the end of your affiliate link…


Enter your Traffic Browser Affiliate ID inside of your DownlineTrafficBuilder account and click on Update Info. Your DTB referrals will now be able to sign up under YOU!



Step 5: Add Traffic Exchanges

Download, install and open your Traffic Browser software.

Add your favourite Traffic Exchanges to the software.

Enter your username, referral ID and password for each of the Traffic Exchanges. The software will login to all of your accounts automatically and you can start surfing your selected Traffic Exchanges immediately!

Watch the video below to see how it works…


Step 6: Setup A Group

You can setup different groups and surf up to 7 Traffic Exchanges simultaneously

as a free member or upgrade your account if you want to use more Surf Tabs.

Watch the video below to see how it works…



Step 7: Upgrade (Optional)

Upgrade your TrafficBrowser account to increase your Surf Tabs, get random referrals and earn more commissions! You will get much better results if you upgrade and surf 10-15 Traffic Exchanges in a single browser window!



Step 8: Start Earning Credits!

Start surfing and earn credits!

Select a group and click on launch to automatically login to all of your TE accounts and start surfing your favourite Traffic Exchanges to earn free advertising credits!



Use Power Tabs to automatically switch to the next Traffic Exchange after you have clicked the image vertification to receive credits.

The key to efficient Traffic Exchange surfing is having the next surfbar timer ready by the time you switch to the next tab…

This will allow you to maximize your credit earning rate!

Also activate Timer Tabs if you surf Traffic Exchanges with a 10-30 second timer. The software will automatically switch to the Traffic Exchange with the least amount
of time left…


Build multiple groups and try out different combinations to increase your surfing speed and find out what’s working best for you!

Spend a few hours every day to surf your Traffic Exchanges and focus on your traffic producing activities… the more you surf, the more traffic you’ll get! ;)

With Traffic Browser you can surf more than 10.000 pages per day!


Get familiar with all the settings and features of the software and watch more tutorial videos if you need any help or contact us. Click Here to watch more tutorial videos…

They also have a forum where you can ask questions, share your experience or make suggestions and vote for new Traffic Exchanges which might be added to the software in the future. Traffic Browser is the best tool to help you surf your Traffic Exchanges!

Do you like using Traffic Browser to surf Traffic Exchanges?

Please leave your comments below…

You are welcome to like, share or leave a comment below and I will personally answer as soon as possible! - Marcel Lange (Admin)

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