How To Get Referrals

Learn How To Get Referrals For Any Website

Learn how to get referrals by using our recommended programs, tools and strategies!

how to get referrals

Many people are searching for ways to get referrals but the answer is really simple…

Build your own list by giving away valuable (free) information/products, improve your marketing & communication skills and most importantly increase your website traffic!

It takes more than just sending out your referral link to a person right away and asking him to “join and make money”.

It’s not enough to just use a few Traffic Exchanges or Safelists and there is no single website that will solve all your problems overnight.

You must advertise on as many websites as possible and try out different strategies
to increase your traffic generation on a regular basis because you never know when, why, where or who is going to click on your ad and signup until you try it.

Always test, track, improve and scale your results!

Our recommended programs, tools and strategies will help you to get direct referrals and increase your website visitors but YOU need to take action and stay consistent if you want to see results!

Don’t expect every referral to be active because the truth is many of them will not do anything or become inactive over time for various reasons. That’s just the way it is…

Building relationships and regular communication with your referrals is very important to gain more trust, credibility and authority!

Communicate with your audience via email, phone, social media, video or meet them in person if possible to get the best results.

So how to get referrals effectively and consistently?


How To Get Referrals And Increase Your Traffic

Here are some of the best ways to get referrals

Software & Tools

Automated software and tools will help you to save lots of time!

First you should use an autoresponder service to build a list of subscribers and better communicate with your referrals. From there you can always invite them to a website or introduce your product/service.

Most autoresponder services will help you to get started and support you.

All you have to do is embed a contact form on your own website or landing page and setup a few things to send out your email automatically when people subscribe.

You could also invite people to our downline builder first and then add them to your autoresponder manually but you should ask for their permission!

You can see the name and email address of your referrals by clicking on Stats inside your DTB members area.

Here are some popular autoresponder services:

Here are some FREE alternatives: (up to 2000 subscribers) (up to 2000 subscribers)

We support some very powerful tools on our programs page like TrafficBrowser and TeCommandPost which can be used to earn more credits from Traffic Exchanges.

With ReferralBuilderElite you can fill in all your referral ID’s for downline builders on different sites automatically and get a lot of bonus advertising credits every month.

ReferralFrenzy and Hooklistmail will basically submit your ad to multiple Safelists automatically and they also have some other useful features and benefits…

Click Here to read more details about our recommended Software & Tools!


Traffic Co-Op’s

Traffic Co-Op’s are a great way to get traffic from multiple advertising sources!

You can earn free advertising credits by sending traffic to your Co-Op URL and get traffic from many different traffic sources in return.

We decided to list Mul-Te on our programs page because it has some great features and there are multiple ways to earn credits.


Traffic Exchanges

traffic exchange how it worksYou can surf our featured Traffic Exchanges to earn credits and get instant traffic to your DTB referral link or programs page for free!

We support the following Traffic Exchanges: EasyHits4U, TrafficG, TezakTrafficPower, TrafficSplash, WebmasterQuest, Hit2Hit, TrafficSwirl, DragonSurf, Top1Surf and TrafficAdBar.

Click Here to read more details about our recommended Traffic Exchanges!


Forum Marketing

forum marketingForum marketing is a great way to build new relationships, get traffic and stay informed about the latest news and trends in our industry!

Here are some tips and strategies on how to get traffic and promote your downline builder in forums…

Click Here to read more!


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing can be very effective and you can get a lot of traffic from sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin etc.

Maybe you’ve some friends who have never heard about online marketing before so we make sure to provide the right training and help them to get started!

Here are some tips and strategies on how to get traffic and promote your downline builder on social media sites…

Click Here to learn more!


Video Marketing

video sitesVideo marketing is a great strategy to get residual traffic for free and connect with your audience on a more personal level through video!

Learn how to create your own video or use our Promotional Videos to promote your downline builder…

Click Here to learn more!


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