How To Earn At Least 10% More Advertising Credits From Surfing Your Traffic Exchanges

How To Earn 10% More Advertising Credits?


There is a way to earn 10% more ad credits if you surf Traffic-Splash, TezakTrafficPower, DragonSurf and TrafficSwirl at the same time!

These four Traffic Exchanges have teamed up with TECommandPost to reward you for your activity.

Sign up under your sponsor or update your Username/Affiliate ID if you are already a member of TE Command Post by clicking on Update Programs InfoSoftware & Tools
inside of your DTB members area!



What Is TE Command Post?

te command post

TECommandPost is basically a Traffic Exchange account management tool to help you get a better overview of all your Traffic Exchange accounts.

You can see how many impressions & hits remain on your active campaigns and how many credits, text or banner impressions you have available.

You can manage between 10-50 TE accounts and build your downline in over 300+ featured Traffic Exchanges. (Downline Builder included!)

Sometimes it’s easy to lose track of which Traffic Exchanges you have already surfed for the week or which Traffic Exchanges you need more credits in etc. TE Command Post is the perfect solution!


How To Get Started?

There are some step by step instructions after you login to help you get started and you can always contact their support if you need more help!



Earn More Advertising Credits

How to earn more credits?

You can earn at least 10% more credits by surfing the 4 main Traffic Exchanges that are part of TE Command Post.

(TezakTrafficPower, Traffic-Splash, Dragonsurf and TrafficSwirl)

TE Command Post rewards you when you surf all four sites together…

There are also other guest Traffic Exchanges participating and sometimes you will be able to earn up to 200% extra credits!

Watch the video below to see how it works…

Click on Go Commando! and follow the steps to activate your surf bonus…



If you want to learn more about how it works and see which other Traffic Exchanges are currently participating, just click on  Briefing Room and Today’s Bonuses.





Membership Upgrades

Here is what you will get if you upgrade…


Grab the Lifetime Platinum membership if you can! ($197 One Time Payment)



Go Commando Now!


TE Command Post will take your Traffic Exchange surfing to the next level and reward you with a lot of extra credits!

Why wouldn’t you take advantage of it?

It takes some time to fully set up your account but it’s worth it!

Go ahead and sign up now at TE Command Post by joining under your sponsor at

Click on Update Programs InfoSoftware & Tools inside of your DTB members area to sign up at TE Command Post and update your Username/Affiliate ID!



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