How To Build A Facebook Group Network And Increase Your Residual Traffic Over Time

How To Build Your Own Facebook Groups

Have you ever thought of creating your own Facebook group?

facebook groups

Starting your own Facebook group is a great way to build new relationships with other online marketers and increase your residual traffic over time!

Some people are trying to advertise their business on Facebook in different groups, but the results are often very bad for most of them because there is almost no interaction and there are some more disadvantages if you are posting your ads in other FB groups…

  • Your post is only going to stay at the top for a very short time
  • You must always do the same amount of work over and over again
  • Very few people are actually looking at other posts (No clicks = No results)
  • More and more people are using automated softwares to post their ads
  • Some groups are full of spam


Why You Should Build Your Own Facebook Groups?

Building your own Facebook groups is much more effective!

Here’s why…

The Benefits Of Building Your Own Facebook Groups:

  • Your post (advertisement) will ALWAYS stay in the top position
  • Other people will join and visit your group regulary (residual traffic)
  • Your only job is to invite/accept new members or remove spammers
  • Your group will start growing on its own once you’ve reached a certain amount of members so you can focus on other marketing strategies & build new relationships
  • You can build as many groups as you like to increase your traffic and results
  • You can reach ALL of your group members at once by doing events


Tips To Start Building Your Own Facebook Groups

Here are some useful tips and strategies to help you start building your own Facebook groups and increase your residual traffic & results over time…

1. Have A Clear Vision

Be mindful of the purpose of your group!

Do you want to create a group just for advertising your business opportunities or would you rather build an interactive community where you and other members can actually share valuable marketing tips and communicate with each other?

It’s good to have both…

Advertising Group

A group where members are allowed to advertise their business opportunities is really easy to create and can grow very quickly! Many members are going to visit your group on a regular basis but most of them won’t pay any attention to the other members.

Advertising groups are very useful to increase your residual traffic over time but you must create a large network of groups in order to get outstanding results.

Interactive Community Group

Building an interactive community can be much more difficult.

You always have to stimulate activity in the group, ask questions and share valuable content on a regular basis to keep members active and participating in the discussion.

Try to start new interesting discussions and make your group the logical solution to a problem that your members might have.


2. Use Targeted Keywords In Your Group Name

Use targeted keywords when choosing a group name to make sure your group can be found in the Facebook search results.

Use at least 3-4 different keywords to get better results! ;)

Keyword Examples: make money online, work from home, business opportunities, MLM, online marketing, network marketing, advertising, earn cash, jobs etc.

You may also use the name of a very popular business opportunity to attract their members to your group!



3. Use Tags And Write A Description

Tags will also help people to find your group because Facebook is going to suggest your group to members of related groups.

You can choose up to 3 different tags in your group settings.

You may also write a group description and include some links!





4. Add A Group Header Image

Add a nice group header image to make your group more attractive.

make money online


5. Pin Your Post At The Top


Create your first post and add a link, photo or video.

Use our “Promotional Tools” to advertise your downline builder or any other website of your choice.

Click on the icon in the right upper corner to pin your own post on top of your group so everybody can see it right away when they join.

You can unpin your post to remove it or edit your post if you want to make some changes.


6. Invite New Members And Make New Friends

fb friend request

Invite members from other groups via private message and ask them to add you as a friend
if they are interested in joining your group.

This way you can add the same person to as many groups as you want later on and build
new relationships at the same time.

Invite at least 15-20 new members per day
if you want to grow fast! ;-)


7. Leverage Your Existing Group Members To Grow


Encourage your existing group members to invite their friends so you can grow faster.

You may want to reward those who support your group or put conditions for new group members.

Example: “Please add 5 members to this group before posting!”


8. Surveys

Create a Survey and ask for your members opinion so you can offer a solution to
a problem that they might have. This feature can be very useful if used correctly!



9. Events

Create regular Events to invite all of your group members at the same time.

Share something valuable like a free gift or some other useful information and encourage your members to visit your group again.



10. Add Files

You can upload PDF files or list your recommended websites in the files section.



11. Multiply Your Growth

fb group multiply

Create multiple groups with similar names and keywords to multiply your growth!

You may build something like a group circle and invite your members to join your other groups as well.

You can include links to your other groups
in your post or group description.

Build a large network of groups and you will generate a lot of residual traffic! ;)

I hope this article has been of value for you today!

You are welcome to like, share or leave a comment below and I will personally answer as soon as possible! - Marcel Lange (Admin)


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