How To Add New Programs And Update Your Username/Affiliate ID’s On Your Programs Page

How To Add New Programs

You can add up to 100 programs of your choice!

While adding a new program, you need to replace your actual Username/Affiliate ID with {affiliateid} in your Website URL and also inside of your HTML banner code if you want to use a banner in your description.

Your program will be manually approved and you can enter your Username/Affiliate ID in the next step. {affiliateid} will be automatically get replaced with your Affiliate ID.


add new program

If your Affiliate URL is:
Replace Username with:{affiliateid} (Copy & Paste)


What is allowed?

Your programs page is actually fully customizable…

  • Add your own blog or website
  • Affiliate Programs (Traffic Exchanges, Safelists, PTC or MLM etc.)
  • Affiliate Products (Clickbank or Jvzoo etc.)
  • Embed a video or edit HTML text (program description)
  • Banner size: 468×60, 125×125, 250×250, 300×200, 600×300

You could add a video to introduce yourself to your downline and encourage them to check out your programs or customize your programs page in many different ways!

Try out this HTML Text Editor to edit your text (HTML code).


What is not allowed?

We don’t accept…

  • No Ponzi/Pyramid scheme
  • No Scam or suspicious sites
  • No Hacking or Investment (HYIP)
  • No Rotator or Tracking URL’s
  • Don’t add the same program multiple times
  • No misleading or “get rich quick” promises

Your Username/Affiliate ID must always be replaced with {affiliateid} except for your own personal blog or website. Tracking URL is only allowed for your own blog/website.

We reserve the right to reject any websites that we deem suspicious or unsuitable!

If you find your URL suspended, do not hesitate to contact us and ask for the reason. We usually send out an email to let you know why your program has been rejected.


How To Update Your Username/Affiliate ID`s

Here’s how it works…

Update your Username/Affiliate ID after your program has been approved by admin.

Your actual Affiliate ID will be automatically get replaced if someone in your downline is going to update their own Username/Affiliate ID.

Click on Update Programs Info to enter your Username/Affiliate ID’s and click on Update Info.

Also check out the other categories to join our recommended programs, your sponsor programs or update your Username/Affiliate ID’s for the programs you already belong to. Please contact us you if have any questions!



You are welcome to like, share or leave a comment below and I will personally answer as soon as possible! - Marcel Lange (Admin)


  1. Joe says:

    Please, how do I display “My Programs Page”?

  2. Major says:

    Why do I need to take off my username and add affiliated to my url link? What does that do?

    • {affiliateid} will be automatically replaced with your username by our website script after you enter/update your username/affiliate ID. Your downline/referrals can now simply enter their own username/affiliate ID.

      Do you understand now?

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