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Top1Surf | Manual Traffic Exchange



Top1Surf is one of our recommended websites and featured on our programs page.

It’s a manual Traffic Exchange and you can even earn credits by advertising your Text Ad Link.

The traffic deliverability is very good compared to other Traffic Exchange sites and upgraded members also receive free traffic from 30 other Traffic Exchanges!

There are many cool features like active surfer rewards, weekly jackpot, monthly bonus credits and much more…

The surf ratio for free members is 4:3

You can earn between 1.5 – 2.5 credits per click (2 credits = 1 visitor to your site) depending on your membership level.

Follow the instructions below to join Top1Surf and get 300 free bonus credits!


How To Sign Up At Top1Surf?

Please sign up under your DTB sponsor to support our downline builder community!

We are going to walk you through the process step by step…

First, login to your account at


Click on Update Programs Info



Step 2:

Click on Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges


Step 3: Sign Up

Sign up at Top1Surf by clicking on the link or banner.

You’ll sign up directly under your sponsor at


How To Sign Up?

Fill out the sign up form, register and verify your email address.



Step 4: Copy Your Top1Surf User ID

First, let’s make sure your referrals at DownlineTrafficBuilder will sign up under YOU!

Login to your Top1Surf account, scroll down the page and copy your User ID.



Step 5: Update Your Affiliate ID

Enter your Top1Surf Affiliate ID (User ID) inside of your DownlineTrafficBuilder account and click on Update Info.

Your DTB referrals will now be able to sign up under YOU!




Step 6: Add Your Website

You have not entered a website URL in your Top1Surf account yet.

Click on My Websites and enter a website URL of your choice.

You can add up to 3 websites as a free member!

Note: Your website URL must be approved by admin. (Rotating)



Step 7: Auto-Assign Credits

At least 50% of your credits must be auto-assigned if you are a free member!

Click on Assign Credits and auto-assign 50% of credits to your website URL.



Step 8: Start Surfing & Activate Your Account


Click on Start Surfing and view 50 pages or more to earn credits and fully activate your Top1Surf account!

How to surf? Just wait for the timer to count down to zero, then click one of the matching images to receive credits.


You will also receive 300 bonus credits and you can get more extra credits daily by clicking on Surf Rewards.

You can choose between credits or cash…


You can claim only one active surfer reward per day but there is also a bonus page every 25 pages with random surf prices!


Did you fully activate your Top1Surf account?

Please continue with the next step…


Step 9: Assign Credits To Your Website URL

After you have earned some credits, you may assign them to the Website URL of your choice to get instant traffic!



Top1Surf Text Ad Link

Earn more extra credits & cash!

You can also earn credits by advertising your Top1Surf Text Ad Link on other sites.

Convert any website URL into a Text Ad Link and earn extra credits & cash just for showing a small Ad Bar at the bottom of your website! See Example: Click Here


Earn More Extra Credits & Cash

Earn 1 credits and 30 text impressions per unique view.
Earn 0.3 credits and 4 text impressions per repeat view.
+ Get $0.05 cash for 800 hits every day!


How To Get Your Top1Surf Text Ad Link?

Step 1:

Click on Earn extra Credits (cash) to add a new website and get your Text Ad Link.

You can add your DownlineTrafficBuilder referral link, programs page, a splash page or any other website if your choice!


Step 2: Enter your website title, URL and your Ad description to get your Text Ad Link.


Step 3: Advertise your Top1Surf Text Ad Link to earn extra credits & cash!

Note: Wait for approval from admin. Your site must be rotating!



Weekly Jackpot


You will earn activity points by being active and each week the TOP 20 get to divide the JackPot!

The JackPot at Top1Hits will reward you with:

1: Cash
2: WebSite Hits
3: Banners Impressions
4: Text ad Impressions


How To Earn Activity Points?



Membership Upgrades

Upgrade your Top1Surf account to earn more credits and commissions.

You’ll also get traffic from 30 other Traffic Exchanges and unlimited banner rotating!

Top1Surf upgrades


Promotion Tools


Click on Promotion Tools to get your Top1Surf referral link, splash pages and banner or text ads.

You can also build your own splash pages if you like and earn activity points by advertising your splash page or your referral link!


Update your Top1Surf User ID inside of your DTB account
so you can easily get referrals and build your downline!

Go back to Step 5 if you didn’t update your User ID yet.


Monthly Referral Contest

Earn cash & credits every month by referring new members!

First Price: $50.00 Cash + 12000 credits
Second Price: $35.00 Cash + 10000 credits
Third Price: $25.00 Cash + 8000 credits
Fourth Price: $15.00 Cash + 6000 credits
Fifth Price: $10.00 Cash + 5000 credits
6 Price: $5.00 Cash + 5000 credits
7 Price: $2.00 Cash + 2000 credits
8 price: $2.00 Cash + 1500 credits
9 price: $1.00 Cash + 1500 credits
10 price: $1.00 Cash + 1500 credits
11 price: 1000 credits
12 price: 1000 credits
13 price: 1000 credits
14 price: 1000 credits
15 price: 1000 credits


Do you have any questions? Click Here to contact us!

You are welcome to like, share or leave a comment below and I will personally answer as soon as possible! - Marcel Lange (Admin)
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