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Bad News! Co-op Sites Down!?

Dear members,

I’m sorry for the late update!

I have been waiting for a reply from the owner
of 247besthits, Geteasyhits & Tesurfers because
those sites have been gone for a while now.

The domains are still active though.

Unfortunately we can no longer use our unique
Co-op strategy to double our cedits (for free)
without those sites and I am not sure if they
will ever come back or not.

I also can’t find the Addons at Explosivetraffic
anymore (just sent an email to owner John).

This is really bad news for us and I’m very
sorry that this is happening right now!

Maybe I’ll have to change the whole concept
of our downline builder and create something
completely new out of it if those sites are
really gone forever.

This means deleting some of our old content
and this would be really sad because I love
what I have created and some of you do too!

But how long should we wait for those sites
to come back if the admin doesn’t reply?

By the way, you may also send in a support
ticket and ask what the heck happened with
his sites:

Bad things can happen in your business if
you rely on other people or websites…

But it’s NOT the end of our website!

I won’t give up this site and I won’t give
up on our members because together we can
build something great!

Like Donald Trump would day: Let’s make
DownlineTrafficBuilder great again! LOL

I wanted to ask you (our members) what we
should do right now and if you have any
ideas or wishes for the future of DTB?

You may reply to this email or blog post
and share your thoughts and ideas with us.

I would be happy to hear them!

Thank you for your time!

P.S. If you have added a program and it’s
still pending, please contact me!

– Marcel Lange (Admin)

You are welcome to like, share or leave a comment below and I will personally answer as soon as possible! - Marcel Lange (Admin)

Activity Rewards Program (Coming Soon)

Dear members,

I wanted to release our “activity rewards” system
a long time ago but I’m thinking too much about
what I could do to really help you get results in
your business and what I could give away for free.

I’ve also had some distractions going on as I’m
testing some new traffic getting strategies and
ways to advertise DTB more effectively.

So now I decided to take some time to write this
email to you and ask you for your suggestions and
ideas so maybe we can move forward a lot faster.

It’s going to be a long email and I’ll probably
sit here for 2-4 hours to write this down.

But maybe it will help me to get a clearer vision
of how I could reward you for your activity.

So here’s the plan:


As you can see, there is a main page on our blog
called “Activity Rewards” and I’m going to add
additional pages to it as a drop down menu.

Each page will explain exactly how you can claim
your reward and what you’re going to get.

One of my ideas is to use those pages as a place
to advertise your business (banners) so everyone
will be able to see it when they visit the page.

Since we don’t have an automated activity reward
system integrated in our downline builder script,
I’ll have to be creative and improvise…

That’s why I’m using our blog to create pages
which I can simply edit and use them to support
and reward our members for their activity.

It’s not going to look perfect and our members
will have to contact us to claim their reward
but I’m sure it will increase activity and make
our members happy.


We’re going to have 7 reward levels and you can
get to the next level by getting more referrals.

It will be like this:

10 referrals – Newbie
25 referrals – Starter
50 referrals – Action Taker
100 referrals – Top Sponsor
250 referrals – Team Leader
500 referrals – Guru
1000 referrals – King Of Traffic

As you can see, my plan is to help every member
to become the “king of traffic” by helping you
to set clear goals and reward you on every step.



So let’s talk about the rewards…

What can I actually offer or give away for free
to our “Newbie” members?

I can give away free advertising on our website.

Banner advertising that you usually have to pay
for but I’m able to give it away for free.


Newbies get 10.000 banner impressions
Starters get 20.000 banner impressions

What do you think about this idea and what else
could we give away to our “Newbie” members?

I actually want to give away much more stuff to
our newbies to make sure they take action, but
some things are only going to be available for
our higher level members.

Maybe you have an idea, free ebook or software
that you would like to share with our members?

I would appreciate it very much!



Now to the “Starter” members…

My actual plan was to publish your username,
full name, a link to your programs page and
1 banner of your choice on the starters page
but I’m not 100% sure if I should do this.

I’m sure we’re going to have a lot of members
with 25 referrals as we grow in the future and
I don’t want this page to be full of banners.

It’s not really hard to get 25 referrals…

Maybe we should only publish banners on the
“Action Taker” page? (50 referrals)

I would like to hear your opinion!



The “Action Taker” rewards…

Same thing like Starter members but we could
display 2 or 3 banners instead of just 1 and
also give away 50.000 banner impressions.

What do you think?



“Top Sponsor” members… (100 referrals)

At this level I want to support our members as
much as possible!

I will not only publish your name, banner etc.
on the Top Sponsor page and give you 100.000
banner impressions, I’m also going to…

– Add 1 program of your choice to our programs
page (Top Sponsors category) FOREVER!

– Add 1 banner of your choice to our rotator
with unlimited banner impressions!

(The rotator is displayed on our blog and on
different places on our website.)

– Give you the ability to write blog posts,
program reviews and share your success story
with our entire community!

Unfortunately I won’t be able to provide you
with your banner statistics for the rotator
but you can trust me that I will advertise
your banner for as long as you are a member!

On the higher levels I want to give you even
more exposure on our programs page and also
add more of your banners to our rotator.

Sounds cool?


I think this should be enough info right now
and you probably have an idea of what I want
to do with our website/blog to support you.

I look forward to hearing your suggestions
and ideas for our activity rewards program!

I’m just not sure about the first 3 levels
and I could really need your help with it.

Thank you very much for taking the time to
read this message and I hope you realize
the fact that I asked for your opinion and
give you the opportunity to contribute and
help us create the perfect marketing system
for you!

Please leave your comments below so we can
discuss things with all of our members or
contact me right through our website.

Thanks again!

Marcel Lange (Admin)

You are welcome to like, share or leave a comment below and I will personally answer as soon as possible! - Marcel Lange (Admin)
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