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How To Create A Splash Page Or Squeeze Page

How To Create A Splash Page For Free

What is a splash page?

A Splash page or “Squeeze page” is basically an introductory page to a website…

Splash pages are being used by smart online marketers to grab someone’s attention to take them to a new page with more details usually for a product that they are selling.

Splash Pages are proven to increase results from Traffic Exchanges because they are built to grab the attention of other Traffic Exchange users more quickly.

You only have a few seconds to grab a visitor’s attention that’s why you should always keep your message short, simple and straight to the point!

Your primary goal is to get your visitors to click on a link and pull them to your main website where they can have a closer look at your offer without time pressure…

Once they arrive at your main website, you know that they are probably interested in learning more about your offer so there is a good chance for you to get a new sign up!

Here are the basic elements of a splash page:

  • A compelling headline
  • A strong visual impact (eye-catching)
  • A short but informative description (or video)
  • A banner, company logo or personal photo
  • A clear call to action (Click Here, Register Now, Try it today etc.)


How To Build A Free Splash Page

Build a free splash page at EasyHits4U!

We support EasyHits4U on our website because it’s the best and most popular manual Traffic Exchange with over 900.000+ members and they provide marketing tools like a free splash page creator, URL rotator and much more…

You can create, update, host, and track your own splash pages for free!

Please sign up at EasyHits4U under your DTB Sponsor to support our community!

Here’s how it works…

First, login to your account at

Step 1:

Click on Update Programs Info



Step 2:

Click on Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges


Step 3: Sign Up At EasyHits4U

Sign up at EasyHits4U under your DTB Sponsor by clicking on the link or banner.

Don’t forget to enter your own EasyHits4U “Username” and click on Update Info.



Step 4: Create A Free Splash Page

Login to your EasyHits4U account and click on Easy Splash Builder to create a free splash page. You can create up to 3 splash pages as a free member!

Watch this short video to see how it works…

Try to get familiar with all the functions at EasyHits4U and start creating your own free splash page. You can use our promotional tools to advertise your downline builder!

We provide different banners and promotional videos inside our Promotional Center.


I hope you enjoy creating your own splash page! ;)

Contact us if you need any help…

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What Is A Downline Builder And How It Works?

What Is A Downline Builder?

downline builder

The concept of a downline builder is based on a very simple “sign up” process…

The idea is for everyone in the downline to get at least one referral on a specific website!


Person A: Advertising his referral/affiliate link
Person B: Signs up and replaces his own link
Person C: Signs up using referral link from B
Person D: Signs up using referral link from C

How Does Our Downline Builder Work?

There are different kinds of downline builders…

There are “downline builder” threads in forums, inside Traffic Exchanges, Safelists or stand alone viral marketing systems like our website

Stand alone downline builders are very unique and often used to promote different MLM “multi level marketing” business opportunities, Traffic Exchanges or Safelists recommended by the website owner.

The way our downline builder works is actually very simple…

You are presented with a list of programs (programs page) to join.

This can be our recommended programs or your Sponsor Programs.

Upon joining each program under your sponsor or admin, you can simply enter your own referral link. (Update your Username/Affiliate ID’s)

Your Affiliate ID is either a number or a username and differs from site to site.

Our system will automatically replace your sponsors Affiliate ID with your own!

Now you can just advertise your own downline bilder programs page or referral link and your referrals will possibly sign up to ALL of the programs under you!


Benefits Of Using A Downline Builder

What are benefits of using a downline builder in your business?

1. The main benefit of promoting a downline builder is that you can promote several websites at once which saves you a lot of time, money and advertising credits!

By using a downline builder, you only promote one single website URL while getting signups in multiple other programs…

2. Most people in your business opportunity are probably advertising the same page like everybody else. You can be UNIQUE and raise yourself above your competition
by using a downline builder instead!

3. You can use our downline builder to generate Viral Traffic from your downline!

Your Username/Affiliate ID will be displayed on your referrals programs page all the way down to 10 levels, until someone in your downline decides to join and update their own Username/Affiliate ID’s.

Your referrals will actually advertise your Affiliate ID’s on their own programs page
if they do not join and update their own Affiliate ID’s!

The bigger your downline gets, the more viral traffic you will generate and the more people you will have to build relationships with as they will be in your team forever!

4. You don’t need to create your own website!

5. We provide free marketing training and a Step-by-Step Trainings Guide to help
you and your downline to become successful!

And much more…


Do Downline Builders Actually Deliver Results?

Do they really work?

Downline builders are powerful when they’re used correctly, but the sad fact is there are many people out there doing it all wrong…

Some websites have very disorganised Downline Builders with hundreds of different programs to try and build the site owners downline with almost no benefits for other members and very limited access.

What ends up happening in most cases is someone joins a program, but never ends
up filling out the downline builder completely as they have no real interest in all the other programs.

A successful downline builder should actually give members a good reason to join
ALL of the featured programs. Otherwise, almost nobody would sign up under you!

You should be able to add your own favourite programs. (As much as possible!)

A downline builder should have valuable marketing training that everybody can use such as free advertising strategies as well as paid advertising methods.

Step-by-Step tutorials will make it a lot easier for anybody to follow the training
and members will be able to get much better results!

If you think there is a good reason for you to join all of our featured programs and
you like our vision, you should definately try our downline builder to promote your business!

Even if most people won’t sign up to your favourite programs, you will still be able
to earn free advertising credits when they sign up to our recommended programs and you will generate more viral traffic over time!

The only question is…

Are YOU willing to spend some time and effort to join all of the featured programs, update your Affiliate ID’s and build your downline by following the steps inside our Step-by-Step Trainings Guide until your team is big enough and you start seing results?

If you’re not spending some time on learning and implementing our recommended marketing and advertising strategies, you will not succeed and no other downline builder will help you succeed either no matter how great it is…

YOU need to be committed and willing to succeed!

YOU have to be consistent and take massive action until you succeed!

We are always here to support you and your team in any way we can… ;)

You will be amazed as to how much of a difference it will make in your business
if you work together with other online marketers and help each other to succeed!

You are welcome to like, share or leave a comment below and I will personally answer as soon as possible! - Marcel Lange (Admin)

How To Surf All Your Manual Traffic Exchanges Much Faster With Traffic Browser Software

Download Traffic Browser Software For Free!

Surf Multiple Traffic Exchanges Much Faster With Traffic Browser Software!

What is Traffic Browser Software?

traffic browser

Traffic Browser is a free Software which you can use to surf all your favourite Traffic Exchanges faster by auto logging you into all of your selected Traffic Exchanges, switching Tabs automatically after you have clicked the image vertification to receive credits, by setting up groups of the best Traffic Exchanges, blocking Popups, Downline Builder and a few other useful features…

With Traffic Browser you can easily view thousands of advertisements on a daily basis and earn more credits!

Note: This is not an Auto-Click Traffic Software!


How To Download Traffic Browser Software For Free?

Please sign up at TrafficBrowser under your DTB sponsor to support our community!

First, login to your account at

Step 1:

Click on Update Programs Info



Step 2:

Click on Software & Tools



Step 3: Sign Up At Traffic Browser

Sign up at TrafficBrowser under your DTB sponsor by clicking on the link or banner.



Step 4: Update Your Traffic Browser Affiliate ID

Login to your TrafficBrowser account and click on AffiliateReferral Links

You can see your TrafficBrowser Affiliate ID at the end of your affiliate link…


Enter your Traffic Browser Affiliate ID inside of your DownlineTrafficBuilder account and click on Update Info. Your DTB referrals will now be able to sign up under YOU!



Step 5: Add Traffic Exchanges

Download, install and open your Traffic Browser software.

Add your favourite Traffic Exchanges to the software.

Enter your username, referral ID and password for each of the Traffic Exchanges. The software will login to all of your accounts automatically and you can start surfing your selected Traffic Exchanges immediately!

Watch the video below to see how it works…


Step 6: Setup A Group

You can setup different groups and surf up to 7 Traffic Exchanges simultaneously

as a free member or upgrade your account if you want to use more Surf Tabs.

Watch the video below to see how it works…



Step 7: Upgrade (Optional)

Upgrade your TrafficBrowser account to increase your Surf Tabs, get random referrals and earn more commissions! You will get much better results if you upgrade and surf 10-15 Traffic Exchanges in a single browser window!



Step 8: Start Earning Credits!

Start surfing and earn credits!

Select a group and click on launch to automatically login to all of your TE accounts and start surfing your favourite Traffic Exchanges to earn free advertising credits!



Use Power Tabs to automatically switch to the next Traffic Exchange after you have clicked the image vertification to receive credits.

The key to efficient Traffic Exchange surfing is having the next surfbar timer ready by the time you switch to the next tab…

This will allow you to maximize your credit earning rate!

Also activate Timer Tabs if you surf Traffic Exchanges with a 10-30 second timer. The software will automatically switch to the Traffic Exchange with the least amount
of time left…


Build multiple groups and try out different combinations to increase your surfing speed and find out what’s working best for you!

Spend a few hours every day to surf your Traffic Exchanges and focus on your traffic producing activities… the more you surf, the more traffic you’ll get! ;)

With Traffic Browser you can surf more than 10.000 pages per day!


Get familiar with all the settings and features of the software and watch more tutorial videos if you need any help or contact us. Click Here to watch more tutorial videos…

They also have a forum where you can ask questions, share your experience or make suggestions and vote for new Traffic Exchanges which might be added to the software in the future. Traffic Browser is the best tool to help you surf your Traffic Exchanges!

Do you like using Traffic Browser to surf Traffic Exchanges?

Please leave your comments below…

You are welcome to like, share or leave a comment below and I will personally answer as soon as possible! - Marcel Lange (Admin)

How To Earn At Least 10% More Advertising Credits From Surfing Your Traffic Exchanges

How To Earn 10% More Advertising Credits?


There is a way to earn 10% more ad credits if you surf Traffic-Splash, TezakTrafficPower, DragonSurf and TrafficSwirl at the same time!

These four Traffic Exchanges have teamed up with TECommandPost to reward you for your activity.

Sign up under your sponsor or update your Username/Affiliate ID if you are already a member of TE Command Post by clicking on Update Programs InfoSoftware & Tools
inside of your DTB members area!



What Is TE Command Post?

te command post

TECommandPost is basically a Traffic Exchange account management tool to help you get a better overview of all your Traffic Exchange accounts.

You can see how many impressions & hits remain on your active campaigns and how many credits, text or banner impressions you have available.

You can manage between 10-50 TE accounts and build your downline in over 300+ featured Traffic Exchanges. (Downline Builder included!)

Sometimes it’s easy to lose track of which Traffic Exchanges you have already surfed for the week or which Traffic Exchanges you need more credits in etc. TE Command Post is the perfect solution!


How To Get Started?

There are some step by step instructions after you login to help you get started and you can always contact their support if you need more help!



Earn More Advertising Credits

How to earn more credits?

You can earn at least 10% more credits by surfing the 4 main Traffic Exchanges that are part of TE Command Post.

(TezakTrafficPower, Traffic-Splash, Dragonsurf and TrafficSwirl)

TE Command Post rewards you when you surf all four sites together…

There are also other guest Traffic Exchanges participating and sometimes you will be able to earn up to 200% extra credits!

Watch the video below to see how it works…

Click on Go Commando! and follow the steps to activate your surf bonus…



If you want to learn more about how it works and see which other Traffic Exchanges are currently participating, just click on  Briefing Room and Today’s Bonuses.





Membership Upgrades

Here is what you will get if you upgrade…


Grab the Lifetime Platinum membership if you can! ($197 One Time Payment)



Go Commando Now!


TE Command Post will take your Traffic Exchange surfing to the next level and reward you with a lot of extra credits!

Why wouldn’t you take advantage of it?

It takes some time to fully set up your account but it’s worth it!

Go ahead and sign up now at TE Command Post by joining under your sponsor at

Click on Update Programs InfoSoftware & Tools inside of your DTB members area to sign up at TE Command Post and update your Username/Affiliate ID!



You are welcome to like, share or leave a comment below and I will personally answer as soon as possible! - Marcel Lange (Admin)
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