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Forum Marketing Strategies

Learn how to advertise your downline builder in forums…

Forum marketing is a great way to build new relationships, find JV “Joint Venture”
partners, generate free traffic and stay informed about the latest news and trends
in our “Internet Marketing” industry!

forum marketing

The main concept with forum marketing is to build credibility by establishing trust and providing value to the community.

Forum marketing can also be used to build high quality backlinks to your website/blog or you can advertise a website link in your signature!

But like most long term strategies, it takes time and effort to see results…


Forum Advertising

There are basically 3 ways to advertise in Forums…

1. You can advertise a certain amount of links or even a banner in your signature.

Every single time you create a new topic or leave a comment in a particular thread, it puts you in the position for visitors to check out the link in your signature!

Search for “profile settings” or something similar to edit your forum signature…

How to add your DTB referral link in your text signature:

[url=]Write your text here[/url]

How to add your DTB banner: (DTB referral link + banner image URL)

[url=][img][/img] [/url]

2. Post in specific categories where advertising is allowed (Read forum rules)

3. Purchase banner ad impressions directly from the website!


Popular Internet Marketing Forums

Here are some popular forums related to internet marketing…



10 Forum Marketing Tips


Here are some great tips for you…

#1 Rule: Don’t Spam!

Whenever you join a new forum, don’t just sign up and immediately start posting your business opportunities!

Introduce yourself first, update your profile and add a picture. Now read a few posts and leave some valuable comments before you add any links in your signature.

2. Read and respect the rules & guidelines on every forum before posting!

3. Use your real name and picture if you want people to get to know you personally and begin to recognize your name. You will be able to brand your name and position yourself as an expert!

4. Be an active participant and contribute value to the community!

5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions… If you know an answer to a question, post it!

6. Post at least 5-10 comments per day and start 3-5 new discussions per week
to increase your exposure and get more people to click on the link/banner in your signature!

A good strategy is to start as many new, unique, valuable, interesting & entertaining discussions as possible and stimulate other members to engage with your content…

Because every time somebody leaves a comment on your forum thread, it puts your discussion back in the top position and you’ll receive much more traffic over time!

7. Connect with other forum members via private message to make compliments about their posts or comments and give positive feedback!

forum advertising

This is a great way to start a personal conversation and they will most likely check out the links or banner in your signature…

It’s very important to put a little bit more thought into writing your private message rather than just sending people your link. Spam simply does not convert and it will only get you in trouble!

8. Search for other popular forums related to internet marketing in your country.

You can also use the search function in every forum to search for a specific topic or keyword!

9. You could hire somebody to do all the work for you or ask active forum members
to advertise your links in their signature in exchange for money, but this advertising method is forbidden in most forums! or similar mini job sites are a great place to find virtual assistants…

In this example, you can buy 25 posts or 10 new discussions for only $5! Click Here

10. Stay away from drama and heated discussions because when you get sucked into the drama, you usually end up saying things that you regret saying and this does nothing more than hurt your reputation!

Resist the urge to respond to criticism if you feel angry and give yourself a couple of minutes to cool off before responding…

If done correctlyforum marketing can definitely help you to increase your residual traffic over time but you must be very consistent and patient to see great results!

I hope this Forum Marketing training has been of value for you today! ;)

You are welcome to like, share or leave a comment below and I will personally answer as soon as possible! - Marcel Lange (Admin)
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