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Thank you very much for joining our Downline Builder community!

My name is Marcel Lange and I’m the founder of this unique viral marketing system.

I am a very passionate and creative online marketer from Germany and I have been learning about advertising and internet marketing since 2012.

Please take a few minutes of your time to read more about our unique features and how we can help you to advertise your business…


Viral Traffic From Your Downline

How many websites do you belong to?

Maybe 5, 10, 25, 50 or even more?

Our Viral Downline Builder allows you to promote multiple websites of your choice simultaneously by advertising your very own DownlineTafficBuilder programs page.

Simply advertise your DTB programs page or referral link and build your downline!

You can add up to 100 programs to your DTB programs page for free and you will
be able to generate viral traffic from your referrals all the way down to 10 levels!

downline builderBy referring others to DownlineTrafficBuilder, your programs and Affiliate ID’s will also be displayed on your referrals programs page.

If someone in your downline decides to join
or already belong to one of your programs,
they can easily enter their own Affiliate ID 
for those programs and start to advertise
them on their own programs page!

Any programs they do not join or update will default to your Username/Affiliate ID.

You could potentionally have hundreds or even thousands of referrals in your downline advertising your programs on their programs page and generate viral traffic for you on complete autopilot 24/7!

Here comes the best part…

We reward our members for their activity!

ALL (over 2000+) members promote the programs of our Partners & Top Sponsors on their programs page to help you get traffic and signups in your favourite program!

We promote up to 4 programs if you are a Top Sponsor or up to 5 programs if you have your own website and also become a Partner!


Activity Rewards


The Activity Rewards program is our way of saying THANK YOU and supporting you on your road to success!

You will receive free advertising on our website, useful software tools and special support!

The more referrals you get in your downline the more you will be rewarded by us over time.

Click Here to read more about our rewards…




If you are an owner of a website or blog, Traffic Exchange, PTC, Safelist, or a related business and wish to get our support, you can make a request to become a DTB partner and benefit from our growing website traffic.

By becoming a DTB partner, you get the opportunity to advertise on our website/blog for free if you support
us in return!

Click Here to check out our partners and learn how you can qualify…


Tips & Strategies


Read our Tips & Strategies about Internet Marketing and learn how you can advertise your downline builder more effectively to increase your results…

We share our best tips & strategies as well as valuable content from other successful online marketers!

We also give you the opportunity to share your own strategies & results with our entire community if you become a Top Sponsor here at DTB!

Click Here to read our tips & strategies…


Personal Development


A positive mindset, ongoing motivation and personal development are very important if you want to become a successful marketer!

We share some videos on our website from motivational speakers like Bob Proctor, Les Brown, Anthony Robbins and Zig Ziglar etc.

Our recommended videos will help you to feed your mind with positive thoughts and develop your personality on a daily basis!

Click Here to see our recommended videos…


Top 20 Sponsors

top 20

We publish the Top 20 Sponsors on our blog every Sunday so you can see our progress!

We also send out an email with our “Top 20″
along with other important updates.

You may take a look at our Top Sponsors and their personal programs page so you can see exactly which programs they are promoting!

Click Here to see our Top 20 Sponsors…


Facebook Group

facebook group

Join our Facebook Group and connect with our members, make new friends, ask for help, support each other, share your results or just have fun!

Note: Please do NOT advertise any links inside!

Click Here to join our Facebook group…


Getting started

getting started

Are you ready to take action and plant the seeds for your long term success?

Click on Update Programs Info inside of your DTB members area and make sure you Update your Username/Affiliate ID for the programs you already belong to.

Please also check out your Sponsor Programs and consider joining them if you like so you can update your own Username/Affiliate ID.

You can add your own programs to our system by clicking on Add/Edit New Programs.

Click Here to see how it works…


Traffic Generation


You can start advertising your DTB referral link or programs page by using our featured programs and advertising tools if you have updated all Affiliate ID’s on your programs page.

In addition, you may also use your own programs and strategies to promote your downline builder or choose any method from below…

Forum Marketing
Video Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing (Coming Soon)
Banner Advertising (Coming Soon)
Blogging & SEO (Coming Soon)
Software & Tools (Coming Soon)


Banner Advertising

banner advertising

Would you like to advertise a banner on our website?

You can purchase banner ad impressions to advertise a (468×60) banner on our site or win free advertising with our Activity Rewards.

Top Banner: $5 per 10.000 impressions
Bottom Banner: $2.50 per 10.000 impressions

Click Here to purchase banner ad impressions…


Do You Need Help?


You’re welcome to connect with me personally and let me know about your story, ideas, goals and problems.

I’ll do my best to help you as much as possible!

If you ever have any questions, suggestions, content you would like me to cover or just want to talk, don’t be afraid to leave a comment on our blog or contact me directly through our website. Click Here

I really appreciate you for being a member of our community and I look forward to working with you!

To Your Success!

Marcel Lange (Admin)

You are welcome to like, share or leave a comment below and I will personally answer as soon as possible! - Marcel Lange (Admin)

How To Add New Programs And Update Your Username/Affiliate ID’s On Your Programs Page

How To Add New Programs

You can add up to 100 programs of your choice!

While adding a new program, you need to replace your actual Username/Affiliate ID with {affiliateid} in your Website URL and also inside of your HTML banner code if you want to use a banner in your description.

Your program will be manually approved and you can enter your Username/Affiliate ID in the next step. {affiliateid} will be automatically get replaced with your Affiliate ID.


add new program

If your Affiliate URL is:
Replace Username with:{affiliateid} (Copy & Paste)


What is allowed?

Your programs page is actually fully customizable…

  • Add your own blog or website
  • Affiliate Programs (Traffic Exchanges, Safelists, PTC or MLM etc.)
  • Affiliate Products (Clickbank or Jvzoo etc.)
  • Embed a video or edit HTML text (program description)
  • Banner size: 468×60, 125×125, 250×250, 300×200, 600×300

You could add a video to introduce yourself to your downline and encourage them to check out your programs or customize your programs page in many different ways!

Try out this HTML Text Editor to edit your text (HTML code).


What is not allowed?

We don’t accept…

  • No Ponzi/Pyramid scheme
  • No Scam or suspicious sites
  • No Hacking or Investment (HYIP)
  • No Rotator or Tracking URL’s
  • Don’t add the same program multiple times
  • No misleading or “get rich quick” promises

Your Username/Affiliate ID must always be replaced with {affiliateid} except for your own personal blog or website. Tracking URL is only allowed for your own blog/website.

We reserve the right to reject any websites that we deem suspicious or unsuitable!

If you find your URL suspended, do not hesitate to contact us and ask for the reason. We usually send out an email to let you know why your program has been rejected.


How To Update Your Username/Affiliate ID`s

Here’s how it works…

Update your Username/Affiliate ID after your program has been approved by admin.

Your actual Affiliate ID will be automatically get replaced if someone in your downline is going to update their own Username/Affiliate ID.

Click on Update Programs Info to enter your Username/Affiliate ID’s and click on Update Info.

Also check out the other categories to join our recommended programs, your sponsor programs or update your Username/Affiliate ID’s for the programs you already belong to. Please contact us you if have any questions!



You are welcome to like, share or leave a comment below and I will personally answer as soon as possible! - Marcel Lange (Admin)
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